La Tornillerí­a means "the screw store" in Spanish. Nevertheless any passerby would ask whether the building would become a restaurant. The goal of the project became to educate the consumer about the services offered and integrate the building into the fabric of the world-renowned street art of the Santurce neighborhood/barrio.
The concept of a well-designed hardware store is a novel idea on a global scale. Owner Francisco Rivera knew the importance of starting a business that would literally help rebuild Puerto Rico after the island suffered the devastation of hurricane María.
Painting the facade took five days total with the help of my husband and graphic designer Vinnie Arnone, but planning for it took some time and effort. Bringing in elevations into Illustrator and creating "unfolded" or "flattened" versions of the artwork was crucial to creating the wrap around effect. Various small scale models of the actual building were also instrumental during the painting process. 
The preexisting logo was designed by Eduardo Carbia. Further branding strategy and concepts along with website design will be done by yours truly.
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